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Technical Power  - Excellent technologies in heating, expanded light distribution, optical efficiency, current control (patent). Completed TOP SERIES development.
Quality -  Acquired an electrical safety certificate for the LED lamp all-in-one type of lighting devices that uses a converter.
Customer Basis -  Sales in Europe and USA to obtain customers. Our production line in Korea for TOP SERIES makes us as a leader for quality and reasonable price.
Quick Response - Quick process ability covering from ordering, development to delivery. Quick delivery ability. Can mass product various models.
Price Competitiveness - The pure best domestic technology and use of experts to reduce the costs.

Technical charateristic

Heat protection techniques for electrical and independent circuits
An LED is about eight times more efficient than a filament light bulb but it can be heated up by the heat consumption and the ohm resistance inside the device. If an LED driver is closely located to the multiple LED lamps, then it must be able to withstand the high ambient temperature.

To satisfy such environmental requirements, SIGNSYS has successfully developed a 0.38 static current driver to provide the max efficiency of more than 98%. Since the internal power consumption in the driver is so low that it can operate in full load conditions despite the high ambient temperature of 60 degrees or higher. Our technical staff has the world best current control technology to successfully rule out the causes for over current and improve the product’s safety.

In addition, the separate designs of the Control Driver achieves a more efficient structure to discharge the heat from the device and at the same time this independent circuit heat protection technology prevents the interactions of heats that cause mutual rises in the temperature.

SIGNSYS heat sink

Its heat protection ability can maintain the LED device’s surface temperature at about 40°. When turning on the lamp, the heats from the LED device is released quickly through the metal PCB and the accurately attached heat sink distributes the heat to the air.

In addition, the SIGNSYS heat sink has fine wrinkles in each groove to maximize the surface area size and minimize a reduction in the LED’s lifetime caused by the heat.